2022 Investment for Modern Lifestyle Family Photos

$250 session fee for our time together

Based on 5 people in the shoot

50 minute session

See FAQ for mini sessions and additional fees

After you see your gallery, you can decide what you want to keep

A la carte

Need just a few images? You can purchase them individually at $35 per digital download

Keepsake Package

This package includes up to 20 of your favorite images

Digital files only

$300 Investment (does not include $250 session fee)

Memories Package

This package includes up to 40 images and I will send you a set of professionally printed 4x6 set.

$450 Investment (does not include $250 session fee)

Heirloom Package

You get all of the images that you see in the gallery. A set printed 4x6 and a lay flat album.

$750 Investment (does not include $250 session fee)

Milestone Package - You and Your Baby's First year of Life

This package is perfect for your first born, but also great to have for your next child so you can ensure their milestones are documented!

Maternity Session (30 minute)//Newborn session (90 minutes)// 3month session (30minutes)//6 month session (30 minutes// 1 year session(60minutes)

(5 sessions)

$3500 (30% savings when prepaid) - includes the complete gallery from each session and a One Year keep sake album of your favorite 10 images from each session

$2975 (30% savings when prepaid) for 4 sessions (omit maternity or 3 month session)

$2325 (25% savings when you prepay) for 3 sessions

What your session includes

  1. Wardrobe guide with links to dresses to get online that I believe photograph well if you need some help
  2. Wardrobe consultation - show me what you have in your closet and we can put outfits together
  3. Check of list to plan our shoot
  4. A fun, relaxing time together-- I'll bring the stickers and treats for your kiddos (treats only given if ok'd by you)
  5. Gallery of our time together within 7 days of our shoot. You'll have 3 days to make your choices so that I can deliver your photos within 14 days of our session.
  6. Downloaded images in a private gallery that you can share for grandparents to purchase additional reprints.
  7. This session is for up to 5 people. The additional fee of $50 pp is added up to 8 people. After 8 people, I'll provide a custom quote.


Q: What if I wanted to have grandparents or relatives in the photo?

A: My sessions are for up to 5 people and you can add 3 additional people fro $40 pp. Once we exceed 8 people, I'd give you a customized rate.

Q: Do you offer mini sessions?

A: Yes, I do offer mini sessions during the holidays and Mother's Day

Q: What if I don't need a full hour and it's not mini session season?

A: I'm happy to reduce our shoot to 30 minutes, your session fee would be $150 instead of $250 and then the same pricing applies to the # of prints you'd get. If we do a shoot and at 30 minutes you feel like you want the full hour and I am available to extend, we can then add on that extra 20 minutes at that time.

Q: How long are your newborn sessions

A: From my experience - it depends, usually it is no less than 60 minutes and no more than 2 hours-- so I say roughly 90 minutes. I say roughly because we take the cues from the baby and from mom. There's time for changes, feeds, breaks, cries. If at 60 minutes everyone is spent, then the session can be done and oftentimes I am there to be a support and help you with anything baby related.

Q: Ugh, my husband hates photos - any help in this department?

A: I feel you-- and this is true for the majority of my clients. The good news is that is am SUPER DUPER fast! So I can pull him in at the very beginning and get any necessary photos taken and then bring him back at the end if need be. I'm fast, did I tell you I'm really fast at getting the shot that I know you'd want of him?

Q: For newborn sessions, can it just be of the baby?

A: Yes....and no. Yes, if you are adamant about it, but no if you are only wanting the baby because you aren't feeling good and confident or "camera ready." I know that even those that plan on staying out of the photos, I will still shoot in their jammies and they 100% are so thankful. These don't need to be blasted online, in fact none of the photos do. They are your keepsake. And btw, you are beautiful and your kids will LOVE seeing their mama- I promise you this.