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This is my 18th season and here's what you'll get:

*A stress free session

*A quick and relaxed session where it feels like we're hanging out as we chat and I direct everyone where to look. I have loved studying posing, so you don't have to think about what to do.

*Stickers/treats for younger kiddos (if parent approved) to help keep things rolling

*Me, reliving my summer camp counselor days where I like to be silly with kids

*Complimentary wardrobe styling - I'll offer a 2nd opinion for you

BONUS! As a mama, I love photoshop to "composite" images-- and I do this special technique even with my family! Because I know group photos are hard with kiddos, I'll photoshop up to 3 composite images for you included with your session. That means I can "swap heads" from one photo onto another photo to get that hero photo* (so long as it's in the same lighting). For instance, if you love the photo of you in one image and your family looks amazing in the next one, we can squish the photos together to give you a composite image.

THE INVESTMENT THIS YEAR RANGES FROM THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE AND LENGTH OF SESSION **no travel fee within the South Bay of Los Angeles (Torrance to Manhattan Beach) // add $75 to the Westside of LA or North Orange County, otherwise I'll quote you.

Investment - mini session - (one family) 20 minutes $550

*Up to 5 people

*Entire collection of images provided via digital download (typically 50+ images)

Mini session 30 minutes (one family) - $750

*Up to 8 people

*Entire collection of images provided via digital download (typically 75+ images)

*$40 per additional person

For a limited time-- save money if you have other families that want to shoot photos immediately after you!

Extended Family photos or Families Together (45 minutes) - $950-

*Up to 12 people

This is ideal for teaming up with a sibling or a friend and their kiddos and share this time

*Entire collection of images provided via digital download (typically 100+ images)

*$40 per additional person, add 2 albums for $250

Generations Sessions or Families Together -(60-minutes) $1350

*Up to 15* people

Share your time with your friends and family ! For example, 2 to 3 small families could share this time

Generations Sessions or Families Together -(90-minutes) $1500

*Up to 18* people

Share your time with your friends and family ! For example, 2 to 3 small families could share this time

*Entire collection of images provided via digital download (typically 200+ images)

*$40 per additional person, add 3 albums for $450

Feel free to contact me to create mini sessions if you have more than 15 people willing to meet at the same location!


Working with a professional Photographers will give you a wide range of images because you'll be directed to move around, change poses, and to let us find the lighting and composition to make your images sing.

Q:What about if the thought of wearing matching outfits makes me want to barf?

A:Good news, wear what you want! If you see my work, most clients are drawn to a coordinated color scheme, but that is not necessary! Don't feel pressured to shop! I help you find clothes directly from your closet.

Q: What if I have too much baby weight, I want to wait!

A:Mama, NO! You are amazing, NOW! That's awesome, your body grew a baby and it's hard on our body and life! This article CHANGED my point of view when it comes to being in photos, so if you've ever felt insecure, please read it.

Q: What if you think your kids are not well behaved?

A: MAMA... I get it. That's where stickers, bubbles, candy (if you are ok with that) come in. And that's why these sessions are super short. I also have 12 years of camp counselor experience where I worked with children with developmental disabilities and I will do my best to make everyone feel relaxed and safe.

Q:What if my partner/ husband thinks an iPhone photo is just fine ?

A: I absolutely think iPhone photos definitely work too, I can't argue with the ease of that phone and yes you can get some great images! This investment is for someone to do the work for you and give you a huge array of poses and smiles leaning on posing and composition skills-- so you can relax and be present.

Q:My husband doesn't think a professional shoot is worth it.

A: I totally understand this. The way I see it is that there are few things to spend money on that are going to be a treasure for generations to come. For me, I value experiences (travel) above everything. As you know I'm a thrift store fanatic as well and I'm not a spender. And once a year, I splurge on professional photos and I've never regretted it. I have asked for them as Mother's Day or anniversary presents because I know that I value them more than anything.

In the 18 years that I've been a photographer, I had yet to meet a family who regrets having their photos taken. In fact, most folks wished that they would have started earlier. Is it stressful to get everyone to get to the shoot with all of your crazy schedules? Yes. But with some planning and talking to your family about how this matters to you, I believe it is worth it to go with a pro. I wish you all the luck in experiencing a photoshoot if you've never done it before and I'd love to be considered!

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