And I'm BACK!


Oh she's back to blogging you asked? Yes! Some of you may have been with me since 2004, and for that I thank you and I'm excited to be back. What happened? I changed platforms (to host this blog and website) this past May. And I want to let you know the reason why-- because like you, 2020 has really made me re-evaluate where my time, attention, and money goes.

It saddens me that it turns out that the company I had used for my website and newsletter for over 10 years, didn't share my sentiments about social justice, namely the Black Lives Matter movement after the death of George Floyd. I reached out to them when we were in the middle of such a heavy time, and after their radio silence on the matter-- -I moved to a company that did share my values, so here we are. I'll be migrating stuff over but for now, I decided to just keep going and start anew.

Isn't that the theme for 2020?

So that we do a proper catching up-- I started my photography side hustle when I was approaching 30 and you guys I am now 46 years old and just wrapped up a holiday season shooting during a pandemic. I am so grateful for the opportunity to still run my own business and if you ever want to talk about starting yours, I am ALL EARS. After what we have endured, after this election and after this unbelievably unreal year-- I've go back to some mindset shifts I rely on that I want to share with you. Take any advice that what you like and leave the rest~

1.You can't control people's actions, but you can control your response.

2.Continue to be your true authentic (I word) self. I heard this metaphor from Brooke Castillo-- You can be the juiciest peach, the most delicious peach--- but there are just some people that won't like peaches no matter what. So, does that mean you turn into an apple just because apples are more like-able, know what I mean? No, that's not it. Be that peach. Be you.

3.Protect your vibe and your aura. I know---so woowoo! I know that we are all on our devices wayyy. more than before, and I know it is a great outlet. And with that, comes the deep work about who you let into your life and who can influence what you think... So I audit my intake of social all the time. Seriously, I have unfollowed, muted, and left conversations online. What I see and what I allow to penetrate my subconscious must be handled with care.

4.At the end of the day, give yourself time to think about what you want to be remembered for and use that as your North Star in how you show up in life. I'mma about to get a bit morbid here. For me-- I want to be remembered for someone that cared. I want to be remembered for being that voice in your head reminding you that you CAN make a difference, you CAN start that dream business or begin that personal goal. You can, and you deserve to try. I want to be the person you think of when you finally decide to try something SCARY hard, and you fail, and then you get up and eventually crush it. I want all of us one day to look back at our lives and be so thankful that we didn't leave anything on the table.

I did archive a handful of those blog posts that have now disappeared--- and they will resurface when mama has more time... so for now and while we are still in a pandemic, I'm sharing what is current for me now, and what has been on my mind. What is current, is that I opened an etsy shop, out of nowhere because of my love for when Kamala Harris said, "I'm speaking" during the VP debate. What is current are 2 kids at home on zoom, a small plantar box with lettuce, mojito mint, rosemary, celery and basil. What is not new is that I am still on my journey of self-discovery, what about you friend?

Here you will find photoshoots and blogs where I share other facets of me. Currently, that's photoshoots, thoughts on balancing family and work life (aka Avenue Mama), and easy recipes that nourish your family and any great finds that help me get some time back in my life that I think you'd love too. Think of it as a blog buffet that makes you feel happy and joyful :)

Thanks for being here, I so appreciate you stopping by this corner of the internet.

xo Annie

//Photo credit, my dear friend Rubi of Charizma.Co